Hello! I’m Natalie.

Before entering the world of website development I had been involved in Marketing for over 8 years in both corporate and not-so-corporate environments.  The thing I love about marketing is that it’s not confined to a specific industry – every brand, product and experience on the globe can be marketed; and no project is ever the same. Plus, with technology constantly changing the face of marketing you never stop learning; and your teacher – the world. You just have to keep your eyes open!

Lucky to be blessed with a keen eye for detail and a part-creative, part-technical brain, my aptitude for graphic design came naturally and an interest in web development progressed thereafter. I studied HTML, CSS and WordPress CMS at Friends of Design in Cape Town and now have over 7 years experience building WordPress websites and eCommerce sites (online shops).  I absolutely love working in WordPress as it’s an open-source and well-supported platform with infinite add-ons and integrations. Since starting website development, I haven’t stopped learning!

Taking an indefinite break from the corporate rat race, I find that freelancing allows my creativity and inspired thinking to take flight, and it’s heaps of fun!

I take pride in the work I do and care about the mutually beneficial relationships I forge with my clients. I see every project that comes my way as a chance to help people by offering expertise and sharing knowledge.

Please give me a call (074 148 5656) or pop me an email to have a chat about your website or marketing needs and how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you!

~ Natalie

“Don’t take yourself too seriously, make time for silliness!”